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How to Deal With Stress and Anxiety: 10 Proven Psychological Techniques

Ten techniques you can use to deal with stress that you can’t avoid.  The best way to reduce stress is, of course, to identify the source and get rid of it. If only this were possible. You can try to … Continue reading

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What are McDonald’s fries really made of?

Are McDonald’s fries even made of potatoes? Why are there 17 ingredients in its fries? Turns out, there are real spuds in the fries. As for that 17 number, that’s a myth. There are really 19 ingredients. Does McDonald’s use … Continue reading

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What Eating Lunch At Your Desk Every Day Does To Your Body

Playing Scrabble online with friends or stalking an old flame on Facebook can be totally addicting. But recent research suggests zoning out in front of the computer during lunch might actually lead to overeating [1]. So stop checking those status updates (c’mon, fess … Continue reading

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Study: People Test Positive for Smoke Exposure After Staying in Non-Smoking Hotel Rooms

More bradleygee/Flickr PROBLEM: When rooms are continually smoked in, they become “reservoirs of tobacco smoke toxicants that accumulate in carpets, dust, upholstery, mattresses, curtains and furniture, penetrate wallpaper and paint, and are even stored in drywall.” It’s what some experts … Continue reading

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Fat-Fat go away

Body fat (obese) one of the most scary thing, and I off late been worried if I have added extra fat and hope am not looking fat! I been in active sports and athletics never had these worries related to … Continue reading

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