Fat-Fat go away

Body fat (obese) one of the most scary thing, and I off late been worried if I have added extra fat and hope am not looking fat!

I been in active sports and athletics never had these worries related to body fat and was always athlete build in body structure. As time passed professional life always took priority over active sports and then came the thought of body fat.

Do I look fat or overweight?

All though there was nothing but the phobia “Obesophobia” was killing, and wanted to have zero fat! Well that was too good to be true, until I took efforts to understand all about fat.

Body fat that I used to think of as enemy to my good health, realized “body fat” is one of the most important things for our body.

Imagine our vital organs been protected by fat! Yes its true , fat plays very important role in protecting vital organs. Fat also helps in regulating appetite and helps brain to trigger hunger as and when needed to safeguard going down on body weight. Fat plays very important role in females for supporting their “reproduction cycle” and so on…

After all body fat is not that bad if kept under control, eat healthy and exercise well and most important control stress!

About Shailendra Nair

I am full-time IT professional, with excellent exposure in Information technology management, mission critical business application & development, Information security & advisory practice . I have been in the field for little over 13 + years have significant achievement and set new trends in the field & Industry. Grandson of late Indian freedom fighter from Kerala, I am photographer , blogger, guitarist by hobby , adamant NOT arrogant, travel & foodie at heart, globe trotting road warrior , multidimensional thinker & dreamer.
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