She sold her kidney to pay bribe: A modern Indian tale

The story of  55-year-old Chikkatayamma,  from   Cauvery heartland of Mandya district in Karnataka, is heart rending. Chikkatayamma’s story put all of us in shame and it has now recorded as a tale in modern India. One has to have a heart to believe the plight of this farmer who sold her kidney to pay bribe to a revenue official to get her land records set right.

The proactive Upa Lokayuktha of Karnataka justice Subhash B Adi, who has taken up this case, in disgust, felt this was the worst case in the history of corruption he has seen. He has asked the Deputy Commissioner of Mandya, MN Ajay Nagabhushan, to investigate the case and said: “It is the worst incident reported in the history of corruption that I have seen.” He has asked Mandya DC Nagabhushan to appear before him  with all documents by January 23.

Chikkatayamma of Kalasiddanahundi in Srirangapatna taluk of Mandya district has allegedly sold her kidney to bribe a Revenue official to set right land records. Chikkatayamma after her father’s death wanted to transfer land rights to herself, her mother and her sister. At this juncture according to her, a revenue official wanted a bribe of rupees 8,000 per acre.

According to the reports in 2013, when she was working as a domestic help in Bengaluru, on someone’s advice, she sold one kidney for Rs80,000 and used the money to pay the bribe and meet court expenses. Even after this she did not get the title deed for which she sold her kidney.  According to Lokayukta, this issue came to the notice when they raided an revenue official at Ramanagara where Chikkatayamma identified the official which was shown on local TV networks. According to Deputy Commissioner of Mandya, an inquiry has been ordered into this issue. Chikkatayamma is not the only one who has been a victim of this devil of corruption. The story has shamed the Indian society.

As published on Friday, 16 January 2015 | KESTUR VASUKI | BENGALURU

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