God made women from rib taken out of man and ……

What have we done?

Why do we look upon women and where is the society headed?

My heart cries out with pain and agony when I hear and see brutality towards women in our society. India has always given special place for women right from child, young to old women. On one hand we worship deity and call her “Maa” and on other hand we see and hear brutality against this lovely creation of god.

Women is “derived out of man”

God created women from man’s ribs and we fail to understand that god never created women from man’s feet so that we crush her under our feet nor did he create from man’s head so that women is to be kept over his head, women was created from mans side so that she can equal to man and be and support man in all walks of life in different roles from sister, wife, mother etc.

A woman is man’s companion and is held in very highest regard and far more respected than anything. It is said where women is respected that where prosperity is….

In the Indian tradition when the daughter is born, she is referred to as Lakshmi and it is often said that Gods reside where women are respected, honored, and protected.

Today when I see wide-spread brutality against women in every form and if we do not respect, honor and protect women we would responsible for our own extension.

What are we supposed to change?

First things first, we have to respect, honor and protect women in every role, there needs to be drastic change in our mentality to acknowledge women, respect, support and protect her. Society is made up of “us” and every individual has to change. I hear people blaming politicians, police, systems, process etc., but we fail to understand that they are “one” of us and till the time “we” change the system would never change.

System has to be same for all and equal to all, the day we start implementing this change, we would see major difference in our society in every respect. We see brutality against women since we don’t have “zero tolerance” and it is very important that we have “zero tolerance “ against any crime against women however big or small the crime and brutality is.. This would bring deterrence and fear in minds of these “so called criminals” who commit brutality and crime against their own part “women”

Brutality has to stop against women and to have clean society we have to show respect and protect our women

Lets bring the change from right this moment and each one of us has to ensure we bring the change in our life and society.

About Shailendra Nair

I am full-time IT professional, with excellent exposure in Information technology management, mission critical business application & development, Information security & advisory practice . I have been in the field for little over 13 + years have significant achievement and set new trends in the field & Industry. Grandson of late Indian freedom fighter from Kerala, I am photographer , blogger, guitarist by hobby , adamant NOT arrogant, travel & foodie at heart, globe trotting road warrior , multidimensional thinker & dreamer.
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